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The opening ceremony of Biodiversity Conservation Center – GreenViet took place on December 23rd 2012.

 More than 40 delegates joined this ceremony included: the present of the Danang Union of Science and Technology Association, Faculty of Biology and Environment – Danang University of Training and Education, Duc Tri College, Kon Ka Kinh National Park, the Institute of Tropical Biology, the Frankfurt Zoological Society (Germany), ENV, …. with the staff of GreenViet and the press. Especially, we honored to welcome the Head of the Science Consultants Association – Professor Le Vu Khoi joining with us on this day.

It is very meaningful when GreenViet is established in the situation that the biodiversity in Vietnam and all over the world has been decreased seriously. It helps to carry on the research projects based on biodiversity and natural resources in the whole country, mostly in Danang – a city with quite high level of biodiversity. This Center also makes proposes to solve the biodiversity problem as well as the ways how to use natural resources sustainably. It also researches on the effects of climate change and proposes the solutions. Moreover, 

GreenViet will support for young researchers from universities and colleges in Danang who are conducting their researches focus on biodiversity and climate change.

GreenViet thanks for all of the support from organizations, people who always stay tuned with us from the beginning. We hope to get more from friends, organizations and people on the way we are doing our job - Biodiversity Conservation.

Here are some photos of the ceremony:

Mr. Tran Huu Vy - GreenViet's Director introduced about the Center

Talk of Mr. Hoang Kieu Da - President of Danang Union of  Science and Technology Association 

Talk of Proffesor Le Vu Khoi - President of the Science Consultants Association of GreenViet



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