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Under the hottest weather last April, nearly 20 students of Biology and Environment Faculty (Danang University of Training and Education) are the GreenViet’s members. They left the day off behind and carried on the program “For the Green of Son Tra”.

Each member is a very enthusiastic communicator, energetic collaborator, they try to attract tourist groups joined the game shows by a short introduction.

GreenViet Club was established on September 18th 2011 with the desire to protect and preserve biodiversity on Son Tra Mountain via communication activities and other researches of students, former students of Biology and Environment Faculty, Danang University of Training and Education.

With the enthusiasm and passion on environment, GreenViet has conducted a lot of activities. Through the results they got from their activities, GreenViet showed up the effect of the training and education at school as well as the awareness of young people in protecting and preserving biodiversity, wild animals.

Le Thi Hue – GreenViet’s Leader – said “This is one of the activities in the series “For the Green of Son Tra”, this program aims to raise awareness for local people of protecting and preserving biodiversity on Son Tra Mountain. Through this program, GreenViet want to send a message to the community that “Let’s join hand to preserve biodiversity on this Son Tra Mountain, Let’s protect Vietnam environment and Nature.””

According to statistics, there are over 985 kinds of plants, 36 animals, 106 kinds of birds, 23 kinds of reptiles, 9 kinds of amphibians, 113 kinds of insects. There are a lot of kinds name in Vietnam Red Book as well as on the list of Union for World Nature Association that must be protected from disappearing. Especially, some kinds are under serious threat, the Red-shank Douc langur species are in endangered.

Moreover, GreenViet also provides eco-frendly products to promote for biodiversity on Son Tra Mountain as well as raise fund for other activities. Mr. Tran Huu Vy (former student of Biology and Environment Faculty course 2002 - 2006) now is an expert in Primate Conservation Program in the Central of Vietnam (Vietnam Primate Conservation Program) : The money that GreenViet gets from selling activity and other sponsors from individuals and organizations will be spent on a project about nature with some of Primary School in Danang City. Besides, we will use it to support for some research programs of students, former students of Biology and Environment Faculty (Danang University of Training and Education). We will organize some programs about cleaning and collecting garbage on the Son Tra Natural Conservation and other promotions to raise awareness in biodiversity for local people and visitors.

It was very significant to the Danang University of Training and Education when GreenViet was established. This Club’s operations follow the new trend which is the mix of theories and practices. By that, Faculty established a Former Students, Former Lectures to encourage the development of this Club.

In the next time, GreenViet’s members (mostly are the students of Biology and Environment Faculty - Danang University of Training and Education) continuously raise the effect of current operations; widen the area of preserving nature and biodiversity in the whole of Central Vietnam. This may help a lot for studying and researching after that for students and lectures. 



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