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GreenViet Biodiversity Conservation Centre has cooperated with the Danang Green Tree Park company on conducting communication activities about wildlife animals at the zoo area in 29/3 Park this summer time.

Currently, 29/3 Park is the only place in Danang where is legal to keep wild animals for residents’ visiting, educating and researching purposes. There are totally 10 species with 27 individuals living in the park.

With the aim to raise social awareness and inspire the animal love among local communities and children in particular, GreenViet has cooperated with the Danang Park & Trees Company on conducting series of communication activities about wildlife conservation at the zoo area in 29/3 Park. This event will be organized from 07/27/2013 to 10/13/2013. Operation times are from 15h30 to 17h30 on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sundays weekly. The main activities include providing more information about the animals which are keeping in the zoo area:

* Building 10 information boards of 10 species at the zoo

One of ten information boards at zoo - built by GreenViet

* Free guide for the zoo visitors

The poster about free zoo guiding activity

* Introducing and selling some communication products to raise fund for saving the Red-shanked Douc langur in Son Tra Peninsula.

In addition, there are also many kid activities in every weekends such as coloring, making animals masks and playing games to inspire animal love to children.

These activities are predicted to attract lots of children and visitors to visit the zoo and learn more about wildlife animals

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