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These are some feelings and thoughts that my father has shared with me after taking part in the “I Love Son Tra Journey” with his darling daughter.

If you love nature and if you love wild animals let's connect with GreenViet. We will be given a warm welcome by scientists and educators from GreenViet Biodiversity Conservation Centre. Before traveling to Son Tra Nature Reserve, the team was introduced about the Red-shanked douc langur with a presentation at GreenViet’s office and a photo album of Son Tra biodiversity and the Red-shanked doucs. Those animals were so attracted with their appearance that I took a lot of wonderful pictures. I also had opportunity to see some short videos about their daily life and customs of a douc family through Tuan’s funny stories. After recording all advance information as well as understanding the regulations of visiting Son Tra Nature Reserve, we traveled to the mountain by our motorbikes.

Our first destination during the trip is the “View stop” that next to the Radar Centre with the three “huge eggs”. The next stop is the “American helicopter airport” that existed from war time in Son Tra peninsula, where was known as the best place to see the whole beautiful Da Nang city.

The most expected activity of “I Love Son Tra Journey” is observation activity to see the red-shanked doucs directly in the wild. We first walked along the zigzag path, accessed to the stream areas with plenty of raspberries, ferns and other old trees. Having no chance of being disappointed, the lovely doucs family appeared in front of us with their perfect beauty, sitting and playing amusingly and gobbling up leaves with a feeling of peace.

The sun was going down; it was time for us to get down the mountain and to give the doucs their own space to rest. This interesting trip brought us the opportunity to be close with nature and to keep working to save the Son Tra doucs. The trip is a valuable experience making me love Da Nang more and more.

P/S: “I love Son Tra and I love red-shanked douc!” The last word from a daughter having asked her father to join this trip!

Story sharing from Mr. Quyen, who is Tam Tran’s father.

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