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Da Nang government departments have quickly investigated and removed all illegal camps and equipment of group of people who are staying here to clear-cut trees inside the forest, affecting to biodiversity of Son Tra Nature Reserve.

With information from GreenViet and our scientists about a group of people staying inside the forest, making camp to clear-cut all trees and make the roads, yesterday on February 24th , a group of Danang government departments including representatives of Tho Quang ward – Mr. Vo Dinh Cong, President of People’s Committee, Mr. Tran Van Thanh, chief of Son Tra Forest Protection Department, polices and other related agencies have approached GreenViet to collect information. An interdisciplinary inspection team has been created to deal with the case.

This morning, on February 25th, the interdisciplinary inspection team with media has approached the reported places. All illegal camp and equipment has been removed.  

Fig 1. The interdisciplinary inspection team approached the camp. Photo: GreenViet


Fig 2.Illegal camp next to the clear-cut area inside Son Tra forest. Photo: GreenViet

Answering media this morning, Mr. Vo Dinh Cong, President of Tho Quang’s People’s Committee said that, “This is our responsibility so that we have sent our officials to remove all illegal camp and equipment as well as make records to fine the owner of this place. After that, we are going to propose to Son Tra District’s People’s Committee to ask the forest owner to replant the forest and destroy the clear-cut roads inside the forest”.

Fig 3. Mr. Vo Dinh Cong answered the media. Photo: GreenViet


Fig 4. Removing camp. Photo: GreenViet


Fig 5. Completing removing camp. Photo: GreenViet

Besides, Mr. Cong also made an impression that he needs local people to support government agencies in saving biodiversity of Son Tra Nature Reserve, especially the population of the Red-shanked douc langur here.

Fig 6. Some pictures of destroyed forest area. Photo: GreenViet

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