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A volunteer group with about 30 members will volunteer to observe and report information about the Red-shanked douc langur population in Son Tra peninsula.

Just after Tet Holiday 2016, GreenViet’s campaign “Saving home for Son Tra’s doucs” with information about clear-cutting in Son Tra forest has attracted great attention of local people, media and authorities.

Red-shanked douc langur in Son Tra, Da Nang. Photo by Nguyen Truong Sinh

GreenViet has conducted a quick online survey within three weeks from February 24th 2016 with the question “Do you agree to save the Red-shanked douc in Son Tra peninsula with us?” and got responses from 700 people. 99.8% said “yes”. Especially there has been 350 people say “yes” on February 27th. People who joined the survey also raised some ideas on creating a volunteer group to protect Son Tra doucs in order to support local authorities in saving biodiversity of Da Nang city.

The result of this survey also showed that local people do care about Son Tra peninsula as well as the Red-shanked douc population living here. Understanding about the wish of local people to participate in saving the Red-shanked douc langur, as well as to support Da Nang City in better managing local natural resources, GreenViet has called for volunteers to form a volunteer group to protect Son Tra doucs as well as give a hand for saving biodiversity of Son Tra peninsula.

The volunteer group with about 30 members who are living and working in Da Nang City, who want to share their time and efforts for protecting Son Tra doucs. GreenViet would be in charge of coordinating, training monitoring and observing skills as well as how to use field equipment such as GPS, map and cameras to observe animals. Each volunteer will register to work in half or full day to drive motorbike along the main roads in Son Tra and record the places that observe the douc, as well as any potential impact that could harm the douc population, in order to report to GreenViet or local authorities (Forest Protection Department, Tho Quang ward police, Son Tra management board). Besides, members of the volunteer group would also have opportunities to gain knowledge about biodiversity during working with GreenViet researchers.

In this program, GreenViet also provides equipment for the volunteers including cameras, GPS, maps, research uniform and hat, etc. The volunteer group has supposed to start working from May 2016 to contribute for the city in saving the Red-shanked douc population in Son Tra peninsula.

Would you like to register to be a member of the volunteer group? Register here: http://goo.gl/forms/dn4D8RWTW6

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