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Responding to Da Nang Tourism Association's call for supporting cars for I Love Son Tra Journey, Indochina Unique Tourist Ltd. sponsored money for hiring cars for Journey No. 6 and No. 7.

I Love Son Tra Journey with its aim to introduce the biodiversity of fauna and flora in Son Tra peninsula to Da Nang citizens has launched for this week journey. Another Journey to gain knowledge, raise awareness and open opportunities for local community to cooperate in protecting their natural resources in this livable city. In 2016, I Love Son Tra Journey started in March, the time for everything reproducing and developing. It has made to the sixth journey with at least 20 kilograms trash each week remove from Son Tra, give back to the wild animals and plants a peaceful house; and more volunteers involved in protecting the Red-shanked douc langur in Son Tra such as Red-shanked douc volunteer group, or Clean for Son Tra program in April and May.

The I Love Son Tra Journey Week No. 6 and No. 7 supposed to occur during the long holiday in May 2016, when millions of tourists come to Da Nang. In order to ensure the car for each weekly journey in the hottest tourist season, responding to the call of the Da Nang Tourism Association, Indochina Unique Tourist Ltd. has sponsored cash for 2 I Love Son Tra Journey to hire cars.

Thanks for their supports, I Love Son Tra Journey on May 1st and May 8th have attracted nearly 100 registrations, on which, 25 people were invited to join the program after a phone-interview.

Fig. Members of I Love Son Tra Journey on May 8th 2016

Indochina Unique Tourist Ltd. is a group of tourism experts on Viet Nam tourism, working over 15 years on tourism industry. Their services focus on Viet Nam, Laos and Cambodia. Understanding about the value of sustainable development, they set their goals and mission is to provide the tourism products focusing on Ecotourism, Responsible Tourism, Sustainable Tourism and Local Community.

The participation of local enterprises in raising awareness campaigns play an important role not only in cooperating for local region development but also in promoting the role of enterprises in protecting their natural resources. I Love Son Tra Journey is honored to have their companionship in May 2016.

Fig. Indochina Unique Tourist Ltd. is the donor for I Love Son Tra Journey in May 2016

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