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The 2016 North America Congress for Conservation Biology (NACCB) was held on July 17-20 focusing on community strategies in conservation.

NACCB – North America Congress for Conservation Biology is one of the program of Society for Conservation Biology (SCB) [1]. It is recognized as the most important meeting for conservation professionals and students working in North America [2]. The congress was first held in July 2012 in Oakland, California with participation of nearly 900 conservation scientists, students and professionals [3]. Every two years, it will be organized to create a forum for discussions and presentations of new developing researches in order to deal with conservation challenges. The third congress was took place in Madison, Wisconsin in July.

The 3rd Biennial Congress will highlight the importance of integrating successful communication strategies into our work. In order to move from research to action, we must communicate across boundaries to encourage and empower diverse communities working to sustain the Earth's biological and cultural diversity, and to implement the policy changes that make this possible. The Congress will play an important role in advancing science and stimulating conservation action through effective dialogue and far-reaching engagement. This Congress in North America is critical to our success as conservation professionals [4].

Ms Le Thi Trang at Symposium 48 in North America Congress for Conservation Biology (NACCB)

GreenViet attended in this congress in the fourth day in Symposium 48: A Common Chord: Creating Collaborative Networks to Better Engage the Public in Caring for Primates organized by Dr. Chia Tan and Dr. Cintia Garai [5]. The Red-shanked douc langur in Son Tra Peninsula, Da Nang, Viet Nam was introduced in NACCB through a story of community involving in protecting the Son Tra doucs. On behalf of GreenViet, Ms. Le Thi Trang presented the presentation with title “It Takes a Team to Save the Endangered Red-shanked Douc: Education and Outreach Programs for the Citizens and Visitors of Da Nang, Viet Nam” [6].

Ms. Trang on behalf of GreenViet presented at NACCB about education programs to protect Red-shanked douc langur in Son Tra, Da Nang

Within 12 minutes, the Red-shanked douc langur in Son Tra Peninsula was highlighted as an ambassador to connect different community and authority groups in Da Nang city, Viet Nam in conservation toward sustainable development. By that way, the beauty of Da Nang city, which is known as the most livable city, was highly recommended. After the presentation, three representatives from American conservation organizations have approached GreenViet to discuss about further collaboration.

Presenting at NACCB is the first activity of GreenViet in Exchange program in America this year. GreenViet representatives will attend three more activities in August and September including TIPS workshop, IPS conference and San Diego Zoo and safari visits.









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