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Fostering your kids’ memor's significant. Therefore, you should plan on that since they're little. According to researchers from Holland, memory ability enriches personal experiences, helps kids learn&explore the world around them much quicker&easier


Product details:

Most under-3-year-old kids are often forgetful because of their hyperactivity, they don’t know how to focus and memorize things like adults. But with parents’ help, they can improve the situation. In particular, early memory training lays the foundation for the baby’s better intellectual development.

Meaning of the game:

- Help children develop the ability to orientate and memorize locations.

- Help children learn and name the animals in Vietnam right and be familiar with those animals’ name in English and Latin.

- Help children know more about the nature world surrounding them.

- The game not only helps children with memorizing things but also loving, caring for wild animals and encourage them to tell others to save the wild.

The set includes 60 cards presented 30 rare animals in Vietnam. Each animal species is presented into 2 similar cards. Each card (60 x 60mm) contains information about the species: Vietnamese name, English name, Latin name and its conservation status.

How to use: There are instructions inside each game box.

How to play: The set is designed for 2-4 players. Parents also can play with kids.

  1. Setting up the game: We need a flat surface, large enough to lay out all the cards face down in rows forming a large rectangle. Then, shuffle the cards.
  2. Playing the game: The player can choose two cards at a time and turn them over. If the two cards are a matching pair, those two cards belong to the player and he/she is awarded another turn for making a match and goes again. If the cards are not a match, they are turned back over and it is now the next player turn.
  3. Winning the game: Once all the cards have been played the player with the most matching pairs is the winner.
  4. Cheating the game: Cheater is the person who marks on the cards on purpose to make it easier for her/him to select a matching pair. Cheater shouldn’t play this game because it can ruin the meaning of the game and the set.


Ms. NGUYEN THI HUYEN TRANG – Fund Raising Assistant, GreenViet Biodiversity Consevation Centre

Add: K39/21 Thanh Vinh 1 Street, Tho Quang Ward, Son Tra District, Danang City

Tel: 0935 753 619


Translator: Vo Thi Quynh Trang/GreenViet's Volunteer

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