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It was an afternoon for douc-watching with full of different kinds of emotion. At the beginning of the trip, everyone in the douc-watching group was very eager and happy because of having a chance to visit Son Tra as well as observe the lovely doucs.

When arriving at a douc-watching point, Mr. Tuan pointed to several tree branches which were being shook and said: "Keep going, walking down and you’ll see." All of us had eagerly kept walking, looked here, looked there, from east to west, and looked everywhere, wherever there had signs of branches shaking. Although we had kept observing from this point to other points, no douc was spotted. Our group fell into disappointed state, then began funnily to question who already chased all the doucs away. When we were so disappointed because of the bad luck, suddenly in the distance, we saw them! Being happy and excited were the obvious emotion among us, just felt like we were thrown down to the bottom and then were lifted to the top again. This is the first time I saw the Red-shanked douc langurs and observed their appearance, and behaviors such as eating, swinging sunbathing, sleeping, etc.

And this is also the first time I realized how close I feel to these animals! It was particular fortunate that I observed not only one group but even 2-3 groups; especially I was able to observe individuals of the douc and rhesus macaque within an extremely close distance. Besides, there had been lots of happy memories during the trip. Importantly, I was not only able to observe the doucs – wild-animal, but also was imparted knowledge, and valuable experiences of life, dreams and how to achieve the dreams, etc. I realized good-life conceptions from Mr. Tuan - a caring brother who dedicatedly guided me and others. After the trip, I asked myself: “Have I ever felt that I have to do something to protect nature and wild animals?” I used to think that I am just a tiny individual in society so what can I really do though I want to do? Anyway, I still have my friends and relatives so I can communicate and mobilize them to contribute to the protection of nature.

Thank Mr. Tuan for the incredibly useful and meaningful trip.

Thanks for supporting us to have the chance of douc-watching in the best conditions; and also for the stories and valuable experiences that he shared with us.

Some picture in trip:

Source Loc Duyen - 13CTM class - Faculty of Biology and Environmental Science, The College of Education, Danang University.

Translator: Vo Thi Quynh Trang/GreenViet's Volunteer

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