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A friendly cuddly red-shanked douc langur would be a unique gift to your beloved ones, as well as the special gift for nature and wildlife lovers when visiting Danang.

Recently, Danang has been gradually becoming a city that converges many factors to attract tourists: the serenity of Han river, blended bridges at night, softly sandy beaches, and especially - the Sontra peninsula which is embraced by the waves throughout the year. The peninsula is like a green pearl that Danang people consider as a treasure. One of the reasons is that this is the common home to full of wild animals and plants which is carrying an important mission of conserving biodiversity in the central region and the central highlands of Vietnam.

When visiting Son Tra peninsula, we are all able to have chance to easily observe, at least once, the red-shanked douc langur - an amazing animal with five color coat: white, black, grey, orange, and red. Because of the wonderful thing, GreenViet cooperated with Gaea design and manufacture company to develop the beautiful image of red-shanked douc langur into souvenirs for tourists visiting Danang. That is the cuddly red-shanked douc langur.

GreenViet believes that every cuddly red-shanked douc langur will carry a message to protect nature, as well as introduce to friends from every corner of the world about the “green lung” of Danang, where has the red-shanked douc langur living.

Being made of soft and fluffy cotton fabric, with the shape and body’s ratio which are 90% similar to the genuine douc langur, the product cuddly red-shanked douc langur could be a very meaningful. Certainly, this would be a good friend for kids, and a good friendship connection among people.

Every cuddly red-shanked douc langur you purchase will be a meaningful contribution to save the green of Son Tra!

Hurry up to order! Special offer for foundations, organizations, teams! 



Ms. NGUYEN THI HUYEN TRANG – Fund Raising Assistant, GreenViet Biodiversity Consevation Centre

Add: K39/21 Thanh Vinh 1 Street, Tho Quang Ward, Son Tra District, Danang City

Tel: 0935 753 619


Translator: Nguyen Luu Ngoc Han/GreenViet's Volunteer

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