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This is one of the important activities of Capacity Building Project for GreenViet in designing and implementing biodiversity conservation projects in Danang city, funded by the IUCN/CEPF in the years 2016 – 2017.

GreenViet taking photo with trainers from ATI (Action Training Institute)

This activity aims to improve the capacity of GreenViet Center in developing relationships with local partners, especially business groups in order to create opportunities of cooperation in the mission of preserving natural resources for future generations. In two days October 20 and 21, GreenViet organized the training course "Applying strategic management and detailed planning systems for fundraising" and "Presentation skills of fundraising" in order to learn about relationships between businesses and social organizations, recognition of different kinds of donor, different methods to approaching potential donors, and developing a fundraising strategy for the organization.

There is a maxim within every GreenViet’s member which is "Only if the Vietnamese agree to invest in activities of protecting natural resources and environment of Vietnam, there will be really change in their awareness and attitude toward the environment". In this training course, GreenViet invited Action Training Institute (ATI) and Pacific  Institute for Science Research and Human Resource Development (PISHUD) searching for the needs and strengths of GreenViet to provide appropriate training programs, which meet the developmental needs of GreenViet within new strategies.

GreenViet taking photo with Mrs. Minh Chau – the trainer from PISHUD (Pacific Institute for Science Research and Human Resource Development)

Through the training, Greenviet had an opportunity to look back all the values ​​that GreenViet has built in recent years, to adjust the mission, vision and approaches for new developmental strategies. Besides, the development unit of GreenViet that has newly been established also had an opportunity to be trained to build up plans and procedures for develpoing partnership’s opportunities with business groups. A series of interesting tools such as ASK, 3C, ABC, Paper and pencil exercises, etc was also equipped for Greenviet by the trainers.

Huyen Trang, in charge of GreenViet’s Development unit, is practicing for presenting an educational project.

The strategy in near future of GreenViet is to promote the cooperation with local partners, particularly business groups in order to strengthen activities of protecting the population of Red-shanked douc langurs in Son Tra within a context that this species has been selected as an image’s identification of Danang.

Following this training, GreenViet has continued the cooperation with ATI in training management skills for GreenViet’s operating group, such as the Training Course "Leadership with emotional intelligence" held on November 5.

Translator: Vo Thi Quynh Trang/GreenViet's Volunteer

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