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30 photos of the red-shanked douc langur of Son Tra, together with information boards,, stickers, and bookmarks again had an opportunity to be introduced within the program organized by Da Nang department of education and training in December 4,2016.

In order to response the project of "Developing Da Nang – the Environmental City" in 2016, Da Nang department of education and training organized a contest "Applicable initiatives addressing environmental issues for teachers and students". On last Sunday, 4th December, works from the competition were exhibited, viewed and awarded in campus Phan Chu Trinh High School with the participation of more than 2,500 students and teachers from many districts of the city.

Taking advantage of this event, GreenViet introduced to participants the information of red-shanked douc langur’s population in Son Tra using 30 photos, information boards, posters, stickers, and bookmarks. 2,500 students were divided into many tours (200 students per each tour) visiting within December 4th.

Interesting stories about the red-shanked douc families living happily in peace in Son Tra Peninsula attracted great interest from the students. For these students, the most attractive things were viewing photos and listening to stories about different living stages of a douc. Red-shanked douc langurs have been cared by their mother since they are born until the first few years. When they get around three years old,  douc juveniles are more independent from their mother and start to follow their father to learn how to protect their family.

Students from Nguyen Ngoc Thanh Secondary School, Son Tra

Interestingly seeing the douc’s photos

This program not only attracted interest from the students, but also attracted curiosity from teachers. Many teachers shown their excitement because of the douc’s behaviors that made them link to the human society. The teachers look forward to having an opportunity to observe and learn about this species in the wild together with their students.

Teachers from Phan Dinh Phung Secondary School, Thanh Khe

Communication products

Exhibition place

Realizing the significant impacts of the photos and stories of the red shanked douc langur on students, Nguyen Dinh Vinh - Director of Da Nang department of education and training discussed with GreenViet and suggested to make a movie about this species based on available resources so that it will be shown in 180 schools across the city in 2017 in order to contribute to raising awareness of the city's students of local biodiversity’s precious values. The proposal will be implemented by GreenViet next year.

Translator: Tran Thi Cam Tien/GreenViet's Volunteer

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