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“It was one week already since I joined the journey I Love Son Tra – Sunday afternoon. This Sunday, she was at home and surfed Facebook, then she saw a picture of doucs on the fanpage that reminded her of the last Sunday”.

Source: GreenViet

The bright sunlight of the early summer couldn’t stop the youth’s steps. She had struggled a lot in her mind to what to do: having a good nap then dealing with the excercises for the mid-term exam or going out for the journey. Finally made decision “GO”,... “Yes! I’m still young. Good by my room. Let’s go!”

The Red Shanked douc langur – it was the first time she heard about this species, ... imagine if she had met the douc in real life, she must have thought that was merely a monkey.

That day, the journey to visit Son Tra Peninsula happened only few hours but brought her a meaningfull experience.

Wow... She did observe the doucs! The three first langurs appeared after she had looked for them for a while. However, they seemed quite shy,... just right after the moment she caught a glimpse at them, they then had gone away.

Well, before the journey she just thought that she would only go for watching doucs, but it turned out there were more to see: another angle of Da Nang. She has seen the city at night before – a sparkling, faniciful and colorful beauty made by the mixtures of light. It was when she went to Linh Ung pagoda with her family. This time, viewing the city with another angle brought her an amazing feeling, she just kept telling to her partners “This is so wonderful!”

Buildings were close to each other, roads were very long, etc. Those scenes then gradually faded, and a large space of immense ocean appeared.

The sky was higher and higher, the ocean was more and more immense. She liked the area shone by sunlights the most, the blue color combined with the reddish orange  made the sea look more beautiful than ever.

Additionally, riding a motorbike through small roads surrounded by vast forest, the scent of woods mingled with the air brought a wonderful feeling.

It rained suddenly! The sudden pouring rain forced her and her partners to hide under trees. It rained heavier! They never thought that it would rain since it had been sunny at noon.

There was a shout “Rainbow! Double rainbow!”. After the rain, the rainbow appeared. That was so great to realize that actually rain is not so bad.

The doucs after sheltering from the rain came out to properly watch the rainbow, and this time it was the whole group of doucs which were very active. She and her friends waved hands just to greet them and shouted “Hey doucs! Hi!”. The distance was quite far but they seemed to understand what humans said. They didn’t run away but were very friendly, they also showed us some performances such as swinging, jumping.

Through binoculars, it was the first time she had witnessed the behavior of the species known as the queen of primate. Far in the distance, it was a space for a couple of doucs, on the top of the tree was proudly sitting the group leader. His face was really cute! The doucs performed very well, there was the one that only enjoyed the height, he climed on the highest branches and them tumbling down. She enjoyed watching the doucs and wished to have kungfu to join them.

After the trip, the desire of watching doucs was met, also there was a chance to listen to some real stories that she had never been interested in. Thanks Greenviet for bringing her a great trip, thanks Mr. Mỹ - her guide in the trip, and also thanks Mr. Hau, who shared the trip’s information with her.

The 17 th May marked a great experience for her – a freshman. So many interesting things in this life are waiting for her to discover. Let’s go, youth!

Writter : Tran Thanh Huyen

Translator: Nguyen Luu Ngoc Han/GreenViet's Volunteer

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