2017-05-03 15:47:41 | Admin

I have joined several programs held by GreenViet and “Have fun with wild animals” was the one that impressed me the most.


Student of the Faculty Biology and Environmental Science, Danang University of Education

That was an effective communicating program and had had positive changes throughout the weeks. In terms of program’s organization, the structure and timeline of the program had been more creative and flexible. The number of children joined has been increasing gradually, kids who were shy and not willing to share their thoughts at the beginning had changed their attitudes and showed more confident and sociable behaviors. Many stories and songs related to animals were really attractive to them. There was a special game that I like the most, in which the kids can reuse plastic bottles by creating amazing things such as pencil cases, masks or lanterns or other meaningful stuff for themselves.

“Have fun with wild animals” program, held on Saturday November 7th 2016

In fact, there were many children came regularly every week. It can be said that they were interested in the activity. Parents were also attracted. Here, all the volunteers can work together, support each other as well as show up their speaking skills, observation, and ability to convince people. I hope the program can go further and achieve more in the future.

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