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Thanks for the kids at Hoang Van Thu primary school and the security guard.Hm... Where should I start my story?


Student of the Faculty Biology and Environmental Science, Danang University of Education

I volunteered for the photo exhibition of “The red-shanked douc langur” and the contest “Learning about flora and fauna species in Son Tra peninsula” at Hoang Van Thu primary school, Hai Chau District, held by Greenviet from 16-18th of November, 2016. The kids were so engaged and interested in the contest, especially because of the winning prize: a memory game box for one who has the most correct answers. As soon as the kids received questions, they quickly ran to the information board and read them passionately to find down the right answers. Sometimes, they came to me and asked for help, but I wanted to encourage them to find out the answers themselves, therefore I just showed them how to look for information on the board.

The kids were absolutely lovely. While I was trying to move picture frames to other place, they came to me and said “Shall we help you?” Right after that, some of the frames were lifted and moved to a different place. They also asked me so many curious questions such as “What is this animal?”, ”Is this one kind and nice?”, ”Where does he live? What does he eat?” ”Wow, look at this: its arms and legs are the same! And a long tail, too!” etc. They just kept asking that I couldn’t answer them all. However, talking with these kids made me feel very happy and enjoyable. In break time, I also was shared their stories, snacks, even was invited to birthday parties. Oh, that was so much fun.

Despite being young, I was such an absent-minded girl. After looking for my cell phone everywhere but found nothing, I started to be disappointed. Then, the school’s security guard lent me his phone to make a call to mine but it didn’t work at all. I thought I lost it already. Fortunately, at the third call, I heard it ringing and looked around. Then, I heard someone call me: “Is it yours?” “Yes. Yes. It’s mine. Thank you so much Ms.”, I said. She told me then “We should not take things that are not ours.” I was so glad receiving the phone back and did not forget to say thanks to that lady and the guard.

I really liked the guard because of his warmth and friendliness. He was such a kind person that he asked me whether I had had my lunch yet in that noon and invited me to join with him. Since I did not feel like hungry, I said: “I have some milk with me, and I’ll buy a loaf of bread later.” After going around the school, he then came back to me and said: “Have you bought the bread?” “No, I haven’t. Since the canteen has been already closed!” Then, quickly he walked to the canteen and told the owner to prepare a loaf of bread for me. I was really surprised and impressed by his action. Never thought that I would meet people like that, yet this life was such a beautiful gift!

Really, I felt lucky to having many people who cared for me, supported me and I very thankful for that!

Translator: Nguyễn Lưu Ngọc Hân/GreenViet's Volunteer

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