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I am really happy to be able to support GreenViet. I hope that I can help people more.




Support in translating articles from Vietnamese into English on GreenViet’s website page since October 2016

I had heard about GreenViet for a while, because the center is near my house. Previously, I only knew in general that GreenViet is working in the fields of environmental protection, biodiversity conservation. Only until the day when a friend of mine invited me to participate in a volunteer meeting of GreenViet, I started to understand more about this center’s activities.

Although now I am a volunteer of GreenViet, I have not had chances to participate in a specific program, or to meet and talk more with people at the center.  I just get to know the activities such as the journey "I love Son Tra", offline volunteers, or other programs through the stories and articles that I translated when I did my volunteer work.

However, through that I can feel the spirit of efforts, affection of GreenViet and the volunteers. I understand more about GreenViet’s activities that contribute to biodiversity conservation, awareness-raising about environmental protection to people, especially the protection of the beautiful red-shanked douc langur in Son Tra peninsula. These things make me feel love, admire and have motivation to support more for the common goal, for the GreenViet's great mission.

I am really happy to be able to support GreenViet. I hope that I can help people more.. I hope that despite the hard work, GreenViet’s members are always together and keep contributing to a better life.

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