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The human resources of GreenViet are made up of a Scientific Advisory Board and the staff of the center. 

1. Scientific Advisory Board

GreenViet Biodiversity Conservation Centre has been supported by a Scientific advisory board including prestigious scientists and managers:

2. Staffs

Ha Thang Long (PhDs in Ecology)


Long is working for Frankfurt Zoological Society. He started working in the field of nature conservation since 1999 at Primate Rescue Center, Cuc Phuong National Park. In 2009, he ended the research graduate program curriculum of animal ecology in Selwyn College, University of Cambridge, UK. Field researching in Kon Ka Kinh National Park, Gia Lai brought a chance for him to meet the nature lovers like Tinh, Vy, Bao. Since then, the idea of establishing a biodiversity conservation center in Central, Viet Nam was formed. Together with general communities, Long wishes he can preserve primary forests and wildlife animals for the next generations.


Tran Huu Vy (MSc in Ecology)


Vy graduated from Faculty of Biology and Environmental Science, Danang University of Training and Education in 2006. Up to now, he has had 6 years of working experience in studying Primate conservation project of the Frankfurt Zoological Society (Germany) in the Central Highlands. He is not only a good researcher but also a special one with strong leadership qualities and management. Vy used to be a Secretary Union of the Faculty of Biology and Environment when he was a student. Moreover, he was also a research leader in the field of Conservation Project Grey-Shanked Douc at Kon Ka Kinh National Park, Gia Lai. He was the founder of Hand In Hand and GreenViet clubs.


Le Thi Trang (BSc in Environmental Engineering)

Vice - Director

Trang graduated from Danang University of Technology in 2009, majoring environmental technology. After graduation, Trang worked on the project team MacArthur Central and Central Highlands Region of Natural Education Center (ENV), in charge of the area from Quang Tri to Gia Lai province, in investigating wildlife hunting activities, and collaborating with functional agencies to organize communication programs on raising awareness to the community. From April 2013, Trang's responsible for running community awareness-raising & education campaigns for GreenViet and increasing the participation of the public in Danang on conservation. She works closely with relevant government departments of different levels and schools in Danang to conduct education programs with an emphasis on red-shanked Douc - langur in Son Tra peninsula. 



Dinh Thanh Huong (The Master of Education)

Founding member

Huong joined GreenViet at the very first days and has been in charge of administrator and project officer. Huong also has had many years’ experience working in the field of nature conservation such as being a volunteer of Nhiet Huyet project, Education for Nature ENV Vietnam, an intern at SANCCOB, South Africa. Huong has just graduated from the University of Oulu, Finland in October 2016 as a Master of Arts (Education) about “Learning, Education, and Technology”. Currently, Huong has been supporting and consulting GreenViet in communication and education activities. For a long run, Huong would like to become an expert in educational designing, focusing on Education for Sustainable Development, with a wish to make an effective contribution to GreenViet’s success in saving Vietnam’s nature.



Nguyen Thi Tinh (MSc in Ecology)

Manager of Nature Education Center

Tinh used to be a member of a group carried on the research program of the grey-shanked Douc langur’s ecological behaviors in Kon Ka Kinh National Park, Gia Lai Province for two years. After that, she joined communication activities to educate and raise the management capacity in the Vietnam Primate Conservation Programme of Frankfurt Zoological Society – Germany. She was also a member of Education for Nature Vietnam Centre (ENV) in field research on hunting and trading wild animals in the Central of Vietnam.


Nguyen Ai Tam (MSc in Ecology)

Scientific Researcher

Tam participated in a program of researching and preserving the grey-shanked douc langur in Kon Ka Kinh National Park, Gia Lai province. He also studied the distribution and behaviors of the black-shanked douc langur species in Hon Heo Peninsula, Khanh Hoa province. Besides, he took part in a program to study and monitor the primates and small animals. Last but not least, he also joined a training program for Forest Ranger about biodiversity, and other educational programs to raise awareness of local people on conservation.


Tran Ngoc Son (MSc in Ecology)

Scientific Researcher

He works as a lecturer at the Faculty of Biology and Environmental science, Danang University of Training and Education. He has experience of studying on primate conservation and organizing primate conservation training course for students.


Hoang Quoc Huy (MSc in Zoology)

Scientific Researcher

After graduated in 2010 from Hue's University of Education and spent 02 years as a teacher in Quang Binh, Huy went on to study Master of Science in Zoology in the same university from 2012-2014, following his passion for scientific research. Huy's been working with GreenViet since December 2014 and has participated in different herpetofauna research projects in Son Tra peninsula (Danang), K'bang district (Gia Lai) and Bac Ai district (Ninh Thuan). His role varies from interviewing the locals, night helping, taking photographs, processing and restoring samples to identifying species and writing report. 



Tran Ngoc Toan (BSc in Ecology and Environment)

Scientific Researcher

Toan graduated from The University of Da Nang - University of Science and Education, majoring of Biology - Environment. He has a total of 5 years working as an environmental protection communication officer with the Bana ethnic community in Kon Ka Kinh National Park, and 7 years experience of biodiversity conservation research with different units and organizations. Toan started working in GreenViet since 2015 as an undertaking researcher and investigation of forest plant diversity.


Nguyen Thi Thien Huong  (MSc in Botany)

Scientific Researcher

Huong graduated in Biological pedagogy major in 2012 and then, she got a Master of Botany from Hue University of Education in 2015. Huong has experience on researches aquatic plant, seagrass, and lagoon in Centre for Coastal Management and Development Studies (CMD) in Hue University of Science from 2015 - 2018. Huong joined GreenViet to bring her knowledge and experience for biodiversity conservation since June 2018. She is currently working with the Kon Tum ethnic minority community to improve their livelihood, awareness and to develop for preserve the gray-shanked Douc species in Kon Plong district, Kon Tum province.



Le Trong Hoai
(BSc in Natural Resources and Environmental Management)

Staff of the Nature Education Center

Hoai started as a member of ENV Da Nang club when he was a sophomore. He is an active member in investigating the situation of wildlife trade in Danang for 2 years, and being a GreenViet's volunteer for a long time. Currently, Hoai joins GreenViet as a staff of the Nature Experience Center.


Luong Thi Kim Kieu
(BSc in Natural Resources and Environmental Management)

Program Staff of Nature Education Center

Being an excellent volunteer of GreenViet from 2015 - 2017, Kieu started to accompany GreenViet from 2018. She is responsible for coordinating and implementing the Son Tra nature experience programs.



Vo Thi Quynh Oanh (Marketing Major)

Communication Internship

Quynh Oanh started to participate in community activities since 2016 as a member of ACP - Asian Coralranger Project. She found her environmental concerns through active participation in social projects and youth forums, etc. In particular, Oanh has a special interest in reducing plastic waste; She always looks forward to creating a positive impact on the plastic-reducing lifestyle for everyone around. Oanh became a GreenViet's volunteer from the "Young Scientist 2017" program. In March 2019, Oanh became a communication intern of GreenViet to contributing to the preservation of Son Tra Peninsula.



Jonathan B. Clayton

Founding member

Jonathan has carried out a research project for his doctoral thesis in Son Tra peninsula which is about "Study on biological characteristics and microbiological composition in the digestive system of red-shanked Douc - langur" and then, being GreenViet' staff after a long time of cooperation.

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