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GreenViet is delivering class and field training to 20 potential future primate conservationists in a 10-day training course next month.

Held by Frankfurt Zoology Society (FZS), in cooperation with Faculty of Biology – Environment of Da Nang University of Education (UED) since 2006, Vietnam Primate Conservation Training 2017 will have GreenViet’s researchers on board as trainers for the 6th consecutive time. 

Dr. Ha Thang Long (GreenViet's Chairman of Board) instructing trainees on primate research methods

GreenViet's researchers, having attended as trainees in the past, have been giving back to the course their knowledge and experience in the field of primate research as mentors and instructors since 2011. 

Aiming to build the capacity of young conservationists, especially in the field of primate conservation, this training course will strengthen research skills for participants by providing them knowledge about primate conservation and field research techniques.

Tran Ngoc Toan, GreenViet's plant researcher, advising young attendants on plant classification

Following the success of previous years, this year’s course accepts 20 out of over 300 applicants from all faculties nationwide. Attendants will be given direct guidance by GreenViet’s researchers, experts from FZS and Endangered Primate Rescue Center, Kon Ka Kinh National Park, Faculty of Biology – Environmental Science of College of Education - University of Danang; including MSc. Tran Huu Vy (Director of GreenViet Center), Mr. Bui Van Tuan (Research Manager of GreenViet), Dr. Ha Thang Long (FZS), and Mr. Tilo Nadler – primate expert with over 20 year experience of primate conservation in Viet Nam.

In this 10-day training course, students who have passion for nature, environment, and conservation will have the opportunity to receive diverse training from GreenViet; such as wildlife knowledge, field investigation methods, and research equipments. Attendants will learn theory in class for the first 3 days, then apply them to practice in Kon Ka Kinh National Park, Gia Lai for the 6 remaining days as they will be working as a real primate researcher in the field.

After the course, students whose graduation thesis is on primate research will receive support from course trainers

Some activities such as interviewing the local, loris night-spotting, finding douc langurs and living in the huge primitive forest under close instructions from experts from GreenViet and FZS have always been an eye-opening and unforgettable experience for young attendants in previous trainings.

This is also a golden opportunity for young students who are determind to follow a conservation career to get inspired and empowered by veteran conservationists through their stories and personal lessons.

Mr. Tran Huu Vy warning trainees, many of whom have never worked in the field before,

of the difficulties in the forest before trekking into the forest

Since 2006, this course has trained 200 students, mostly from Da Nang and central Viet Nam’s provinces. Eighteen of them achieved certificates of excellence for their thesis on primate research. Eleven students later got employed in nature conservation jobs and 7 students went on to land a job in primate conservation.

Primate Conservation Training Course is one of several projects and research studies that FZS has been partnering with GreenViet since the organization came into operation in 2012. Aside from the training course, GreenViet is FZS’s partner in the grey-shanked douc langur conservation project in Kon Ka Kinh national park, Gia Lai.

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